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SKU: 004267
Marshmallow, Chocolate With Vanilla 200g Dark chocolate soufflé with vanilla flavor can make any moment a light and lovely soft. The marshmallow is exactly the moment of tenderness when words become superfluous and all expressed eyes and touch. Tenderness is as surprising as the most..
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SKU: 840011
Vanilla flavoured zephyr is a light and airy delicacy it would call back air balloon flight over picturesque valleys. It contains no fat made from natural mashed apples (~35%) with the fiber your body needs and the thickener - apple pectin. It prevents blood sugar swings pectin stimulates dige..
Ex Tax: £2.05
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SKU: 4600492217328
Marshmallow in chocolate Ice cream flavour 250g (Зефир в шоколаде со вкусом пломбира) ..
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SKU: 4600492220144
Marshmallow in choccolate Classic (Зефир в шоколаде классический) ..
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SKU: 4600492208029
Marshmallow in chocolate 120g (Зефирчики в шоколаде) ..
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