Hot-Smoked Sturgeon 450g - 400g (Осетрина горячего копчения)

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Hot smoked sturgeon is a delicacy. In production, only freshly caught fish are processed, derived from an environmentally friendly farm Aqaukultur Italy. Sturgeons are smoked fresh by the traditional method over basswood. White sturgeon meat is very tender and aromatic.


Tender, hot-smoked Osetra fish meat is the luxury delicacy praised and 

treasured by food lovers.

Osetra (Sturgeon) are our planet’s most ancient species. According to 

some, the species’ origin dates back 200 million years.

Approximately 2 meters is the mature sturgeon fish length.

Osetra filet has no bones, is white in color, and is widely famous for

its incompatible taste. Filets are custom-smoked using alder-tree saw 

dust traditional fish-smoking recipe.

The ready product is vacuum-packed and shipped chilled to our customers.

Classical Delicacy Special for Unforgettable Moments.

Ingredients: Sturgeon (Acipnenser spp./ Aquaculture), salt, water.

Expiry Date: 8 days commencing upon date of shipment.

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