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with organic extracts of mallow and sage Formulated with softening and hydrating organic mallow extract and germ-killing organic sage extract, this mild fragrant bubble bath soothes and relaxes. ..
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SKU: 158963
with organic oils of rosehip and primrose Specially formulated for babies, this massage oil restores and moisturizes delicate babies’ skin thanks to organic rosehip oil in the formula. Organic primrose nourishes, soothes and leaves skin free of inflammation. ..
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SKU: 4589
with organic extracts of aloe and licorice Baby shampoo gently cleanses babies’ hair without irritating eyes. Organic aloe extract moisturizes and reinforces hair growth. Organic licorice extract nourishes hair making it soft and smooth. 0% SLS, Parabens, Silicones or Synthetic Dyes ..
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SKU: 15889612
with organic extracts of birch and beggar's tick Baby soap for every day care carefully cleanses babies’ gentle hand skin. Organic extract of birch calms, softens and relieves irritation. Organic extract of beggar’s ticks moisturizes, heals and kills germs. 0% SLS, Parabens, ..
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с органическими экстрактами липы и зверобоя Нежный гель для купания мягко очищает кожу малыша, не вызывая ощущения сухости. Органический экстракт липы оказывает смягчающее, увлажняющее и успокаивающее действие на кожу, предупреждает ее шелушение. Органический экстракт зверобоя оказывает противовоспа..
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