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Beer Baltika №4 Original (Пиво Балтика №4 Оригинальное)

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Baltika №4 Original is one of the oldest brands of Baltika Breweries produced since April 1994. The very name stresses the distinctive character of this brand as its recipe has no analogues either among Russian or world brands. Baltika №4 is a dark drink produced with rye malt, which adds bread flavor and light bitterness to the taste. The Original sort is now steadily popular and has dedicated lovers throughout Russia.

Baltika №4 is traditionally produced only at St. Petersburg brewery. From this place it is taken all over Russia and exported to almost 30 countries of the world.

Baltika №4 has won a number of top prizes of international professional contests. In September 2004 Baltika №4 was among the 50 top brands of the world by the results of the annual International Beer Challenge Contest. All the brands participating in the contest are divided into 12 classes and are strictly assessed by their flavor and package by the leading experts in brewing. The jury includes both consumers and specialists in marketing and packaging.

Two times running, in 2007 and 2008, Baltika №4 won the silver medals of the Australian International Beer Awards Contest in the category of Lager Packaged.

In 2008 Baltika №4 Original brought the Company the Gold Medal of the European Beer Star Awards Contest in the category of Red and Amber Beer. This is the top award of one of the most prestigious contests of the world brewing. The contest was organized by the Association of Private Breweries of Germany and the Association of Independent Breweries of Europe. One of the conditions of the participation is strict compliance with the traditional laws of European brewing. The jury of 65 experts in brewing from 16 countries evaluated the available brands in 40 categories. The samples were traditionally tasted by "blind testing," which guaranteed unbiased evaluation.


Water, light caramel and rye malt, hop.

Alcoholic content: not less than 5.6% by volume.

Original wort gravity: 15.0%.

The nutrition value per 100 g of beer: energy value — 54 kcal, carbohydrates — not more than 4.8 g.

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