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Baltika №0 Non-alcoholic beer Production of the Baltika №0 beer started in 2001 and Baltika Breweries became the first Russian company to produce alcohol-free beer. The equipment at Baltika Breweries allows using the currently most advanced way of making alcohol-free beer. ..
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  Baltika №2 Pale The Baltika №2 Pale beer was launched in 2004. The variety was developed with account for the relevant preferences of beer consumers. Light beer lovers appreciate the pure light taste and remarkable freshness of the Baltika №2 Pale beer. The ..
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  The Baltika №3 Classic beer was first launched in 1992 and has been traditionally the most popular beer among Russian consumers since the mid-90ies due to its invariably high quality. The year of 2004 witnessed a "new birth" of the Baltika №3: the glass bottl..
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  Baltika №4 Original is one of the oldest brands of Baltika Breweries produced since April 1994. The very name stresses the distinctive character of this brand as its recipe has no analogues either among Russian or world brands. Baltika №4 is a dark drink produced with rye ..
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The Baltika No. 5 Gold was brewed in Russian Federation by Baltika Russian Beer. True to the European Lager style, Baltika Russian Beer has given Baltika No. 5 Gold the following description: "The Baltika №5 Gold is distinguished for its golden colour, distinct malt aroma a..
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  The Baltika №6 Porter beer was designed and launched in production in 1994. This traditional dark beer is brewed according to old English recipes. The elite hops, special yeast, purest water and high skill of the brewers are a guarantee of the popularity of the Baltik..
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  Baltika №7 Export The launch of the Baltika №7 Export brand was timed to the Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg in 1994. Since then the Baltika №7 has steadily been the market leader at the top of the premium segment. The Baltika №7 beer is made from selectiv..
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  Baltika Nine Extra The first bottling of the Baltika N9 Extra took place as far back as 1998. Beer lovers immediately appreciated the novelty. In 2005 the brand cardinally changed its exterior and a little later Baltika Breweries started filling it..
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Beer Zhigulevskoe 4% 0.5L (Пиво Жигулевское) ..
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Lithuanian beer lovers like Gintarinis for it’s fresh, slightly bitter taste and long lasting aroma of hops. ..
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Сорт: Лагер. Аромат: солодовый, немного дрожжевой и сенный. Вкус: сладкий солодовый старт, дрожжи, яблоко, мандариновая кислинка. Слабенькая горчинка на финише. Послевкусие: кисловатое, солодовое. ..
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